County Surveyor

Under state state law, each Oregon county is required to employ or otherwise appoint a County Surveyor.  In some counties, the County Surveyor is an elected position.  The County Surveyor is responsible for keeping a fair and correct record of all surveys filed within the county, as well as many other responsibilities prescribed in the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS.209).

Access to most filed surveys are available thru the County WebMap application, however, other survey related items can be found under the Documents link below.  If you experience difficulties accessing surveys thru the County WebMap, please contact the County Surveyor by email at surveyor@hoodrivercounty.gov or by telephone at (541) 386-2616.  Surveys and property plats can also be researched and printed at the Public Works Office for a nominal fee.

For details regarding survey filing fees or payment options, please review the current Public Works Fee Schedule webpage.