Road Maintenance

The Public Works Department maintains approximately 190 miles of paved and gravel roads and more than 20 bridges throughout Hood River County.  Road maintenance work requires the skills of both road and shop personnel and involves a team of 16 people.
The department strives to provide excellent service throughout the County and performs a variety of road maintenance functions.  Primary functions include pavement management, which requires close work with the Engineering Division and implementation of the Paving & Chip Seal Schedule, as well as road hazard abatement, cleaning drainage structures, maintaining traffic control devices and signage, replacing striping and/or pavement markings, bridge maintenance and replacement planning, guardrail repair, mowing, trimming, or spraying roadside vegetation, and snow removal.  Snow removal includes treating roads for ice conditions, which generally extends between November and March and is not limited to times of direct snowfall.  For more information about snow removal, please review the Hood River County Public Works Snow Removal Policy and the Public Works Winter Maintenance Map.
The department values the resources and assets it maintains and prioritizes preventative maintenance activities when possible.  This includes repairing potholes before they grow, addressing drainage issues before they cause property damage, and abating safety issues when possible.  Road users are encouraged to report unsafe road conditions, and can do so through the Report A Road Issue Portal.  Submissions will alert Public Works staff via email and can include pictures and identify locations thru GIS mapping.  When making a submission, please include contact information (where noted) for any potential follow-up.  All contact information is kept confidential. (The Report-a-Road Issue app is unavailable and undergoing redevelopment: 06/13/23)
For more information regarding road maintenance activities, please review the appropriate pages linked below:
Report A Road Issue (N/A)