Road and Bridge Ratings

Oregon's HB 2017, passed by the legislature and referred to as as Keep Oregon Moving, requires all cities and counties to submit pavement and bridge condition information by February 1 of odd-numbered years.  Agencies are required to submit the rating information in order to be eligible to receive their distribution of state highway fund payments.  State highway fund payments comprise approximately 60 percent of all Hood River County road maintenance funding.

Rating information for county roads is based on a Good-Fair-Poor condition assessment and only includes roads in the Federal-Aid Highway System.  Roads with a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) between 0 and 50 are rated as Poor, those with a PCI between 51 and 70 are rated as Fair, and those with a PCI between 71 and 100 are rated as Good.

Bridge ratings are also based on a Good-Fair-Poor assessment system and only include bridges listed in the National Bridge Inventory.  These bridge as commonly referred to as NBI Bridges.  Rating information is provided to local governments by ODOT, which is required to perform bi-annual inspections of all Oregon NBI bridges every two years.

Hood River County's most recent submittal in 2021 included ratings for 51 miles of roadway, consisting of 44 miles in Good condition, 3 miles in Fair condition, and 4 miles in Poor condition.  A total of 18 bridges were also rated, with 5 in Good condition, 12 in Fair condition, and 1 in Poor condition.  For more information about local road government road and bridge ratings, please visit
ODOT's Transparency, Accountability and Performance website.