Post Canyon Drive Legalization

In late 2020, the County began the process of implementing a parking permit program for use of its trail system and staging areas.  A portion of Post Canyon Drive west of Country Club Road was potentially identified to be included in the program.  In order to establish adequate parking spaces along the roadside, potential discrepancies with the road Right-of-Way need to be reviewed and potentially resolved thru the process of legalization.  The process was initiated in June, 2021 by the County Board of Commissioners thru Resolution No. 2386 and a Road Report and survey are expected to be completed and available for public comment in late 2022.

In November 2021, RFP No.2021-PW01 (Request for Proposals) was published to solicit bids for land surveying consulting services and to perform the required  field work.  Proposals were due January 12, 2022.
Submitted proposals are currently being evaluated and a consultant is expected to be selected in early February.  Bidders that submitted proposals will be notified of the County's selection once a decision is made and all requirements have been verified.  A summary of the received proposals is now available for review and incorporated in RFP No.2021-PW01.