Barker Road Pavement Analysis & Reconstruction

Barker Road is currently classified as a Local Access Road and extends from its southern intersection with Tucker Road (OR 281) to its northern intersection with Guignard Drive.  Barker Road is partially located within the Windmaster Urban Renewal District and in the vicinity of the Windmaster Sewer District.  In 2016, the Windmaster Urban Renewal Plan was revised to incorporate a variety of transportation projects, including the reconstruction of Barker Road, and in May 2020 the Public Works Department issued RFP #2020-PW01 for pavement analysis and design services.  Project design for a Full Depth Reclamation of Barker Road was completed in early 2022 and a construction contract was awarded to James Dean Construction in December.  The work is tentatively scheduled to begin in March 2023 and be completed by the end of May.  Details regarding the final construction schedule and impacts to local traffic will be published when available.

Notice of Intent to Award posted December 6, 2022. 
Project Status, June 27, 2023
Paving on Barker Road is scheduled to begin on Thursday, June 29th and be completed on Friday, June 30th.  If accessing Barker Road during paving, please expect delays up to 20 minutes when equipment is in operation and abide by all traffic signs.  Once the new pavement is constructed, it may take several hours before traffic is permitted to drive on it.  For more information, please contact the County Public Works office at (541) 386-2616 or by email.

Project Status, June 16, 2023
Work on Barker Road began June 5th.  As of June 16th, all stormwater improvements and the full-depth reclamation of the roadway have been completed.  With the project ahead of schedule, only minor work will be performed the week of June 19-23, with major work restarting the week of June 26-30 when the roadway is paved.  For more information, please contact the County Public Works office at (541) 386-2616 or by email.
Project Status, March 1, 2023
Due to trending weather conditions and anticipated material delays, the work-start date for repairing Barker Road has been postponed from March 19th until at at least mid-April, and possibly early-May.  The work is expected to be completed in a reasonably short time, however, weather and temperature conditions must be within design specifications for the work to be warranted and needed materials are still incurring manufacturing delays.  All work is scheduled to be completed no later than June 30, 2023.  More information will be provided when it becomes available.
The primary contacts for the project are Public Works Director Mikel Diwan and Engineering Manger Chris Harrell.  Please direct any questions to