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 As set out by Oregon law the Hood River County Juvenile Department is established to promote public safety and to reduce juvenile delinquency through accountability and effective intervention. We strive to prevent further involvement in the criminal justice system while helping youth repair the harm they have caused through restitution and service to the community. Our Juvenile Counselors work with each youth and their families to meet the requirements of the court and to gain skills and competencies necessary to be a productive and successful member of the community. Equally important is the Juvenile Department’s efforts on behalf of crime victims to see that their rights are protected and interests are represented.

The Juvenile Department collaborates with many community partners to address the needs of each of the youth and families we work with. These partners include law enforcement, counselors, schools and others. Our Juvenile Counselors work closely with local schools to support youth in their academic success.


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Hood River County Courthouse
309 State Street
Hood River, OR 97031
Office (541) 386-1030
Fax (541) 919-0311

Office Hours:


8:00-12:00, 1:00-5:00



Robbie Johnson, Juvenile Director

Michelle Hughes, Juvenile Counselor Supervisor



Carolina Castro, Juvenile Counselor



Alejandro Escobedo, Juvenile Counselor