Hood River County District Attorney's Office

Hood River District Attorneys Office,

As the Hood River County District Attorney's Office, we strive: To protect the public, by delivering justice founded upon the principals of personal responsibility, accountability for one's actions and reformation. Ultimately, that is the overriding principle that governs our decision-making. The legislative branch is responsible for writing law. Ultimately, the laws they write are our primary policy manual. If any specific policy provision below conflicts with our ability to achieve our aim within the parameters of law, then pursuit of our stated aim will take precedence over any specific policy provision below. These policies are to be viewed as principles to follow rather than as strict edicts.


Carrie Rasmussen, District Attorney


Leslie Wolf, Deputy District Attorney


Catherine Walsh, Deputy District Attorney


 Maria Dominguez, Office Manager


Katlynn Cosens, Legal Secretary I


, Legal Secretary I


Victim's Assistance:

Victim Services, Victims Assistance Coordinator