Family and Personal Preparedness

Get-ready for camping!

Be-ready for anything!

Many people enjoy camping. Preparing a family emergency preparedness kit, or 'Go-Kit', is much like packing for a family camping trip. There are some essentials, like: water, shelter, food, & medicine. There are also some creature comforts like folding camp-chairs, tables, and entertainment.

Especially during wildfire season, we need to be ready to evacuate our families with short notice. It is also a fun time to enjoy the outdoors. So, be ready for both! Here is a link to some excellent car-camping tips: Camping-Checklist.



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Often during emergency events/incidents, the public wishes to volunteer their time and resources to help. Often this wave of enthusiasm can become a distraction for the actual response, so we encourage the public to ‘pre-register’ as a Health Department volunteer far in advance of any actual need. If you wish to register as an emergency response volunteer, contact: Ian Stromquist, REHS at: 541-387-7130. You may also visit our office at: 1109 June St., Health Department, OR, 97031.
That being said, the best way that you can help during an emergency is by avoiding needing to be rescued in the first place. Even during minor emergencies, response professionals often become overwhelmed. Do your part: Get a Kit, Make a Plan and Be Informed.
Get READY Gorge Safety and preparedness tips, to help - before, during or after - winter storms, landslides, floods, earthquakes, evacuations, power outages or other emergencies and disasters
CDC: Emergency Preparedness and You Many people are concerned about the possibility of a public health emergency such as a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or disease outbreak. You can take steps now to help you prepare for an emergency and cope if an emergency happens. To help you prepare, we’ve provided step-by-step actions you can take beforehand to protect yourself and your loved ones.
FEMA: Plan, Prepare & Mitigate Lots of useful resources from our Federal Emergency Management Agency
Camping Checklist Being prepared for an emergency evacuation is much like going camping. The folks at REI coop have prepared a car-camping check list that may be a more approachable list for creating an emergency go-kit. Also, you are ready to go camping when you feel like it! Some of my favorite local camping spots are the dispersed camping areas in the Mt. Hood National Forest.
Water and Septic precautions during and After Floods Often during heavy rains we receive reports of homes experiencing flooding in their basements. Often the source of this flooding is from sewage or combined storm water systems that have become overwhelmed because of regional flooding.
Get READY Gorge - Publication The County of Hood River’s first annual winter disaster preparedness guide
Family Preparedness Plan Form Fill-able (*.DOC) This form is meant to be completed and shared with your family. During major disasters, family members often become separated for extended periods of time due to disabled communication systems, forced migrations, etc. Often the stress and worry for family members becomes a major mental health crisis.
Emergency Water Supply Treatment Practical applications for household water sanitation during an emergency.