Harm Reduction

Behavioral Health Resource Network

Hood River County Health Department (HRCHD) is a member of the region-wide Behavioral Health Resource Network, a grant funded by Oregon Health Authority through Measure 110. This network is intended to support expanded health services for substance use and overdose prevention. For HRCHD, this means screening our clients for substance use disorder and referring to one of our partner agencies for care, including Mid-Columbia Center for Living, Eastern Oregon Center for Independent Living, One Community Health, among others. Strengthening these partnerships through this network leads to better access to treatment and mental health services throughout the Gorge.

To learn more about Measure 110, visit here.

Opioid Overdose Prevention

In collaboration with Hood River County Prevention Department, HRCHD aims to reduce opioid overdoses in our community through targeted education on the risks of opioid use and how to prevent an overdose. These efforts also include making naloxone (opioid overdose reversal medication) widely available in our community.

For more information on opioids and overdose prevention, please visit HRC Prevention’s website.

If your organization is interested in a training on how to use naloxone, please complete this form.

HRCHD Project Manager Daron Ryan & HRC Prevention Director Belinda Ballah at Cardinal Glass Industries giving a training on naloxone