Published Foreclosure Lists

Hood River County's property tax foreclosure lists
as published in August of each year.
Published 8/30/23
Published 9/7/22
Published 8/25/21
Published 8/26/20
For updated lists, please fill out the Public Records Request below and return to the County Administration Department.
Please reference the Budget and Finance Department's fee schedule section for estimating the fees.

Upcoming Real Property Foreclosure Sales:
There are no auctions scheduled at this time.

The County will hold a public auction for surplus property as needed.

Notification of auction date will be posted online and in the local newspaper as required by Oregon Statute.


You can see any properties included in the auction list and any information about each property once an auction is scheduled.

The County does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. It is the prospective buyer's responsibility to research all factual and legal matters affecting the property before bidding on a property.