Campground Hosts

Hood River County is always searching for enthusiastic people to be Campground Hosts at either Tucker Park or Toll Bridge Park.  Hosts must provide their own RV or trailer and be able to respond to park guests for a reasonable amount of time each day and perform other tasks.  Hosts perform under contractual agreements with the County and work as independent contractors; not as County employees or volunteers.  There is no fee for Hosts to stay at either park.  For a general overview of host duties, please see the Campground Host Responsibilities and Guidelines or complete a Campground Host Application and email to:

with the subject line: "Campground Host"





All host positions have been filled for the 2024 camping season.

NOTICE: Oregon law (ORS 105.682, et seq.) provides the owner of land is not liable in contract or tort for injury, death or property damage that arises out of use of the land for recreational purposes (known as "recreational use immunity"). That immunity from liability does not apply if the owner makes a charge for permission to use the land. Fees charged for a particular use in this park, such as camping, do not apply to other uses of the park, or to your ability to enter other areas of the park. Therefore, Hood River County is not liable for injuries, death or property damage arising out of any use of this park for recreational purposes when no specific charge has been made for that use or for the right to enter that part of the property.

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