Tourist Facilities:

Includes any accommodation (hotel/motel, etc.), hostel, picnic park, recreation park, and organizational camps per ORS: 446.310(11). 

These facilities require formal licensing by Hood River County Environmental Health. 
  • Travelers' Accommodations are inspected biennially (every other year). 
  • Organizational camps and RV Parks are inspected semi-annually (twice per year).  
  • Bed & Breakfasts are inspected annually. 
  • As well, Hood River County Health Department is responsible for regulating and inspecting outdoor mass public gatherings per ORS: 433 & OAR: 333-039.  


Anyone is welcome to view these inspection reports.  While no appointment is necessary, to ensure that we are available to assist you, contact us at: 541-387-6885.
Please contact our office if you are planning to open one of these types of facilities or hold an outdoor 'mass gathering' event.
Additional Information:
Rule References:
Travelers’ Accommodation Rules (OAR: 333-029)
Organizational Camp Rules (OAR: 333-030
RV Park Rules (OAR: 333-031)
Outdoor Mass Gatherings Rules (OAR: 333-039)
Bed & Breakfast Rules:
Tourist Facilities Statute: (ORS 446 .310 - .350)
Oregon Food Establishment Statute (ORS 624)
Oregon Plumbing Code for RV Parks (Older version but still useful)